Classic Product Photoshoot

Clear, crisp, pure white backgrounds. Professionally shot and edited in our studio. 

As low as RM 55 per Item Shoot & edit.


Food Photography

Your food looks amazing, It tastes incredible. So how do you get this across in a photograph? This is where I come in. Being able to translate the smells, the flavour through beautiful lighting and composition is an art, but no less than your food deserves. 

As low as RM 55 per Food Item Shoot & edit.


Apparel Photography 

Apparel product photography is focused on the product. The goal is to minimize distraction and present the product at its absolute best.

Cropping & logo Placement service available.

As low as RM 55 per Item Shoot & edit.


Lifestyle Photoshoot

As an alternative to pure white backgrounds, we combine props, textured surfaces, dramatic lighting, stock photography, or a mix of all four to create small customized settings with big visual impact.

As low as RM 145 per Item Shoot & edit.

Fashion & Modelling

Incoperating human into product photoshoot requires different set of techniques than product alone. We are Professional at this service.

Model & Make Up Service Available upon request.

As low as RM 75 per Item Shoot & edit.


Promotion Videoshoot

Video is the best way to promote your Product. We have services of  simple Video to more sophisticated video and New trendy video such as Unboxing Videoshoot.

As low as RM 2500 per Item Shoot, editing, Typography with 2 times Correction 


We combine photography with graphic design & layout to showcase the features of your product to your customers. A must-have for top Shoppee,  Lazada & Amazon sellers.

As low as RM 250 per infographic